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Rafael De Conti Business


This is an exclusive channel for who are selling or buying, overseas, goods, companies and business.

It is also a channel for whom is closing a deal in general, in a cross-border transaction, and need to negotiate it. Bring your deal to us!

Immigration of families, start-up of companies in foreign jurisdictions, negotiation of contracts, in one or more of the countries covered by us.

Belgium & Brazil & China & India & Italy & Portugal & The Netherlands & UK & USA

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Global Network: Lawyers & Business Professionals

In Belgium (Davide Parrilli) & Brazil (Rafael De Conti, Eduardo Borges Leal) & China & India (Nishant Ahlawat, Avijit Singh, Sandeep Singh) & Italy (Francesco Tedioli) & Portugal (João Santos Pinto) & The Netherlands & UK & USA,

by International Business Offices, high skilled professionals provides technology, security and business expertise. We are intermediates that brings value to your business.

From the internet domain to the bank account, already considering the corporate structuring and the draft of investment veichules in general, in Brazil and abroad, with the negotiation of the most diverse kinds of deals.

If you are moving to another country, have a business to offer, an agreement to negotiate, or wants to make an acquisition or start-up of a company, let us know.


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