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Rafael De Conti

Rafael De Conti is the Business Partner in Brazil, with experience in cross-border transactions, internationalization of companies and entrepreneurship. Business Law is his main expertise, including tax, corporate law and negotiation of agreements and deals of all kinds. He is the founder of a Law Office in São Paulo ( and part of a Joint Venture of Legal Firms ( Author of books, papers and lectures in the field of Business Law. Member of some Foreign Commercial Chambers in Brazil.

Languages: English and Portuguese



Eduardo Borges Leal

Eduardo Borges Leal is a Business Adviser in Brazil. Pursuing a master degree from Radboud University in the Netherlands, and more than 10 years on the Brazilian legal market as a lawyer, he is able to offer all kinds of legal services to companies and individuals interested in Doing Business in Brazil. More than litigation, Eduardo also provide services such as negotiation and drafting of domestic and international contracts (commercial, business, financial, leasing and building contracts), as well as expertise in M&A transactions. LL.B. diploma in 2006, Undergraduate degree in Philosophy in 2007, and Master on Philosophy.

Languages: English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese






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